Implementation Support

Welcome to the implementation support section of this app/website. It provides resources, guidance and tips to support you in implementing the Polypharmacy: Manage Medicines toolkit for patients and carers.



Colour promotional posters containing QR codes for both apple and android stores.


Digital Flyer:

A one page flyer highlighting the key features of both the professional and patient & carer toolkits. Also contains QR codes for both apple and android stores.


Sample social media message:

‘The #managemedicines app is available to download here. Information and tools to support #shareddecisionmaking between healthcare professionals and patients & carers when talking about taking multiple medicines. Read more here

@iSimpathy @dhiscotland  @scotgovhealth @NHSScotland @DigiCare4Scot

#DigiCare4Scot #medicinesreview  #effectiveprescribing #polypharmacy #7stepprocess #realisticprescribing #selfmanagement ‘


Sample SMS messages to onboard patients to use the polypharmacy app:

Adapted from messages produced for the iSIMPATHY study by Wendy Schuneman, iSIMPATHY project pharmacist, NHS Highland. Messages are capped at 160 Characters.

Prior to medicines review – Four messages

  1. To prepare for your medicines review please complete Questions for my Review on our APP.
  2. For iPhone head to
  3. For Android phones head to
  4. Watch this YouTube video for help to complete the questions

After medicines review – Four messages

  1. Thank you for attending your recent medicines review. Please complete the post-review questions on our APP to tell us if the review helped you in managing your medicines.
  2. For iPhone head to
  3. For Android phones head to
  4. Watch this YouTube video for help to complete the questions

Support Materials

Powerpoint slide set

Videos for i-SIMPATHY pharmacist training:  Part 1: How and why the app was developed.    Part 2: Guided tour of the app     Part 3: Embedding the app in your practice

Help section within the patient toolkit contains links to videoclips providing tours of key sections of patient and carer toolkit.

Process and Planning

Operational flowchart to support use of the patient and carer toolkit in practice.

This diagram shows a process flow developed by NHS Highland to support implementation of the questions for patients to answer pre- and post-medicines review, as part of the patient and carer toolkit.

Issues to consider in planning implementation:

1) Target user group: You might want to target particular groups to test using the patient and carer toolkit and Questions for My Review section in the first instance.  Examples of target groups some Boards have identified include:

  • Selecting by condition - e.g. pain, respiratory, diabetes, etc…
  • Selecting by risk stratification (STU indicators)
  • Age range
  • Seeking volunteers.

2) Who could support patients in using the app?

Support options to consider include:

  • Carers and relatives
  • Link workers, community connectors and community navigators
  • Public library staff
  • Potentially, training receptionist and admin staff to signpost and support patients (similar to role they play with Near Me in some practices.)

3) Evaluating impact

You can use the .csv data files generated by the pre- and post-medicines review questions to gather data on the impact of medicines review on patient experience and patient outcomes from taking their medicines.